Shoals Soccer Club Evaluation Schedule Fall 2021

Shoals Soccer Club Evaluation Schedule Fall 2021

Congrats to the SSC 03B team for another successful season capped off by winning The State Cup again this season. The team has continued their development while maintaining a high level of consistent play. Congrats again to the players and coaches!

Congrats to the SSC 06B team for winning The State Cup in their Division. Congrats to the players and coaches on a job well done!

Congrats to the SSC 01B team for winning The State Cup. It was a long and successful for the boys and coach Lee Morris. This group of young men and coaches have a long history of success. Congrats again on the continued growth and achievements, well done!

The SSC 04G team capped off a successful season by winning their League and The State Cup for their Division. Congrats to the players and coaches on a job well done!!

The 08 boys team showed great determination over the weekend at the Huntsville Kicks Invitational Tournament. They also showed their support for October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month by rocking their pink uniforms. Congratulations to the players and coaches for your play and hard work!

Congratulations to the 07 boys team for a great tournament weekend at the Huntsville Kicks Invitational. The boys won first place in their division and rocked their pink uniforms to show their support for October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Good job boys and coaches!

Congratulations to the 05 girls team for a wonderful tournament performance at the Huntsville Kicks Invitational. The girls placed second in their division. Well done girls and coaches!!

Congratulations to the 03 boys team for their wonderful tournament play at the Birmingham Bash, one of the largest and most competitive tournaments in Alabama. They were finalist in their division. Well done players and coach!

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Once you make the decision to play more competitive games the teams naturally become close and friendships blossom. The great part is that it doesn’t just happen with the players and coaches but with the parents also. The Shoals Soccer Family continues to grow and produce some of the best high school players in the state.



Question: What is Club or Travel soccer?

Club or Travel soccer refers to a more competitive soccer environment. The boys and girls that compete in this arena are searching for more competitive challenges than what traditional leagues offer. This environment allows for players to receive more advanced coaching and training. It also creates a different and often times stronger bond between players, coaches and parents. We often refer to our teams as our “soccer family”.

Question: How much does it cost?

The cost of Club soccer varies depending on the age group of the player and the number of tournaments the teams play each season. Coaches can usually provide a ball park estimate at evaluations.

Question: How much travel is involved?

Travel can vary for the different age groups. Generally travel for the younger players U10 and below no further than Huntsville or rarely Birmingham. The older teams participate in State League and will travel to Birmingham and possibly Montgomery or further depending on their state team grouping. Tournament travel varies for each team.

Question: What if my child plays other sports?

If your child plays other sports that is great. Specialization in one sport usually impairs the child from reaching their full athletic potential. So yes, play other sports. Our only request is that soccer is at the top of the priority list and excessive practices are not missed.

Question: What happens after evaluations?

The coach or coaches will make decisions on each player based on skill level, willingness to receive instruction and effort. A coach will then contact the player and parent to inform them of the team they are on and a tentative practice schedule and cost breakdown.

Question: How long does the season last?

The season can vary depending on age group. Generally the younger teams U10 and below may play from March to the beginning of May, usually 8 – 10 games depending on tournament involvement. The older players participate in state league and follow a similar time frame, March to May.

Question: When are evaluations?

Evaluations generally take place for the Spring season at the end of January to the middle of February. Evaluations for the fall season occur at the end of May to the first of June.

Question: What is needed at evaluations?

The player will need to wear soccer cleats and shin guards. They player should also dress accordingly to the weather and bring water.

Question: What age group would my child play in?

Age Groups for 2017

Age Group Birth Year Age Group Birth Year
U-6 2012 U-13 2005
U-7 2011 U-14 2004
U-8 2010 U-15 2003
U-9 2009 U-16 2002
U-10 2008 U-17 2001
U-11 2007 U-18 2000
U-12 2006 U-19 1999